Trustable and Sustainable Open Platform for Smart Honey Value Chains

Agri-food systems enabled by interconnected digital technologies that are more transparent to consumers, farmers and other stakeholders along the agri-food value chain.

The challenge is to generate a smart value chain, driven by market preferences and consumer demands, based on the quality that has been preserved from the apiary, with records and transparency throughout the entire honey-food business including the apiary and honey processing, building trust between buyers and sellers. Transparent, efficient, and effective honey value chain is needed to achieve a dynamic and responsive honey-food system to cope with major forces globally as well as local imperatives. The main goal of TOP4HoneyChain is to develop TOP that will enable the smart honey value chains in Türkiye and Argentina by leveraging transnational approach along the Polish partner, UEKat and the Latvian partner, LBTU.




The platform of TOP4HoneyChains will provide:

  • Digitalized well-document records and verifiable information regarding the value chain activities associated with “High-Quality Argentine and Turkiye Honey" from the consumer to the apiary and vice versa.
  • Verifiable information on the production process, quality management, and product traceability.
  • The trend, insights regarding quality requirements and consumer perception and willingness to pay in relation to quality attributes.
  • Monitoring of the critical points or points of interest during the production process. Relevant effects of TOP4HoneyChains will have impacts on primary production, processing, packaging, and consumers’ behaviors and attitude.